Disassemble flash shoe on Canon EOS 650

!@(P6234224.jpg:R200 popimg: “© UFOTO.DK – Canon EOS 650”)My brother bought a second-hand Canon EOS 650, but it had a little quirk. The flash shoe was loose and the weight of his Speedlite 300EZ made it tilt and loose contact. So he asked if I knew how to take the camera apart, just so much that the shoe could be tighten. I didn’t, but I thought Google would know. I didn’t find anything there, but in the danish photo newsgroup, dk.fritid.foto, I luckily got the answer.

I can’t possibly be the only person in the world, who has had a need for a this information, so now I write down here and hope that Google will find it :-).

There is a small spring-plate in the bottom of the shoe. Using a very small screwdriver, you can tip it up and below it, you will find 4 screws. Tighten them, to ensure that the flash shoe doesn’ tilt. That is it – it’s that simple, when you know it.

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