En Arthur Dent-kategori?

Jeg har tilføjet en kategori til min blog og i modsætning til kategorier som Foto, Humor, IT-sikkerhed og Nørderi, så er den måske ikke helt så selvforklarende: Arthur Dent-kategorien.

Arthur Dent er, som det vil være nogen bekendt, den gennemgående hovedperson i Douglas Adams’ trilogi “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, “The Restaurant at the End of the Universe”, “Life, The Universe and Everything”, So long, and Thanks for All the Fish” og “Mostly Harmless”. Med sine 5 dele regnes den i øvrigt for verdens længste trilogi. Arthur Dent er en helt almindelig, måske endda lidt kedelig, mand i 30’erne, som imidlertid udsættes for en række yderst usædvanlige hændelse, såsom at blive samlet op af et Vogon-rumskib i sekunderne før jordens undergang (en beklagelig misforståelse),  overvære universets undergang, høre en kriminel genfortælle hele sandheden og blive konfronteret med en person, som i alle sine inkarnationer er blevet dræbt af Arthur Dent!

Det er i forbindelse med sidstnævnte oplevelse, at Arthur Dent, i “Life, The Universe and Everything”, pludselig finder sig selv i en mørk grotte, kun svagt oplyst af et grønt neonskilt med teksten “Vær ikke foruroliget” og, efter et kort kunstpause, tilføjelsen “Vær meget, meget bange, Arthur Dent”.

Fællestræk for indlæg i Arthur Dent-kategorien er, at de beskriver hændelser, tiltag eller tanker, som ikke gør mig foruroliget – de gør mig meget, meget bange!

Som når den amerikanske kongres behandler et lovforslag i mod lydløse kameraer eller når et ungt par arresteres af FBI og anklages for terrorisme, fordi de har kysset og krammet i en flyvemaskine eller når justitsminister Brian Mikkelsen afviser videnskabelige undersøgelsers saglighed, fordi »[..] der er en utryghed i befolkningen og en fornemmelse af, at hård kriminalitet bliver straffet for mildt, og det vil jeg gerne tage alvorligt. For jeg er 100 procent borgernes mand. [..]«.

Her finder jeg det passende at runde af med et citat fra Genesis-nummeret “Land of Confusion”:

Theres too many men
Too many people
Making too many problems
And not much love to go round
Cant you see
This is a land of confusion.

English translation, assisted by Google Translate:

I have added a category for my blog and in contrast to categories like Photo, Humor, IT security, etc., it is perhaps not quite so self-explanatory: The Arthur Dent category.

Arthur Dent, some will know, is the main character in the Douglas Adams trilogy “The Hitchhikers’s Guide to the Galaxy”, “The Restaurant at the End of the Universe”, “Life, The Universe and Everything”, “So long , and Thanks for All the Fish” and “Mostly Harmless”. With its 5 parts, it also counts as the world’s longest trilogy. Arthur Dent is an ordinary, perhaps even a little boring, man in his 30s, who is exposed to a some very unusual incidents, such as being picked up by a Vogon spaceship, bare seconds before the end of Earth (due to a regrettable misunderstanding), witnessing the End of the Universe, having a criminal retell the whole truth and be confronted with a person who, in all his incarnations, has been killed by Arthur Dent!

It is in the latter incident that Arthur Dent, in “Life, The Universe and Everything,” suddenly finds himself in a dark cave, only slightly illuminated by a green neon sign that says “Do not be alarmed” and after a short pause, adding the words “Be very, very frightened, Arthur Dent”.

Common feature of the Arthur Dent category is, that they describe events, actions and ideas that do not alarm me – they make me very, very frightened!

As when the U.S. Congress discuss a bill against silent cameras or when a young couple is arrested by the FBI and accused of terrorism, because they have kissed and coddled in an airplane or when Justice Minister Brian Mikkelsen reject the objectivity of scientific studies because »[..] there is a sense of insecurity among the population and a feeling that hard crime is not punished hard enough, and I will take seriously. Because I am 100 percent a man of the citizens. [..]«.

Here, I think it is appropriate to round off with a quotation from the Genesis song “Land of Confusion”:

Theres too many men
Too many people
Making too many problems
And not much love to go round
Cant you see
This is a land of confusion.

Take this plane to Havana or I will fondle my wife!

From L. A. Times – In-flight confrontations can lead to charges defined as terrorism:

Some security experts say the use of the law by airlines and their employees has run amok, criminalizing incidents that did not start out as a threat to public safety, much less an act of terrorism.

In one case, a couple was arrested after an argument with a flight attendant, who claimed the couple was engaged in “overt sexual activity” — an FBI affidavit said the two were “embracing, kissing and acting in a manner that made other passengers uncomfortable.”

Do not be alarmed. Be very very frightened, Arthur Dent!

Red Porshce Killer wanted

Red Porsche © UFOTO|DKBack in november 2007, I had a few days of enthusiasm and took my bicycle to work (the car was in for repairs at the local sparepart pusher). A collegue told me of a shorter route, though some suburban areas and here I saw a familiar sight – that is, if you know your Werner Beinhart.

A picture says more than words, so I shot a frame with my petty mobile. Sure looks as if Holgi has moved to the greater Copenhagen area and brought his Porsche with him. All down to the pool of oil beneath the engine :mrgreen: . Holgis Red Porsche is pictured on the official Werner homepage, as it looked for the revanche at “Das Rennen 2004” – where Brösel once more was beaten by the Porsche 👿 .

So, it anyone has a bunch of Horex engines lying around and a lot spare time, maybe we could make our own Red Porsche Killer and invite this suburban Red Porsche for a new “Das Rennen” :mrgreen: .

Update, 9/1 2009: The links in the original text has become broken. However, the danish tv channel, dk4, has a webpage dedicated to Werner, as part of a german language course. A video with the Porsche can be seen here.

Thickbox 3 formatting errors

Below is shown the formatting errors I have experienced, when using the ThickBox 3 plugin with WordPress 2.5.

1: Current theme, based on WP Classic, with ThickBox 3 enabled. Example showing malformed indenting and no empty line after forced line breaks, in article “Hvad er din pc værd – for en it-kriminel?

2: Traditionel WP Default theme, with ThickBox 3 disabled:

3: Traditionel WP Default theme, with ThickBox 3 enabled. Line breaks are wrong, but indenting is working:

4: No screendump, but the indenting problem also exists with current Classic theme, as provided with the WP 2.5 download.

I hope this is useful 🙂 .

MD_IOCPROBE_DEV: Invalid argument

If you encounter the error message “MD_IOCPROBE_DEV: Invalid argument”, you have a faulty disk mirror or RAID on your Solaris! You are probably already aware of this, otherwise you wouldn’t be searching the net and thus reading this. However, when I had the error, Google couldn’t help – nor did I find anything on SunSolve.

My installation is a Sun Fire V210, running Solaris 8 and Solaris Volume Manager/Solstice Disk Suite 4.2.1. It has been running for a while, but we never got around initializing the mirrors, until last week. Everything went fine and the disks syncronized within a few hours (7o GB disks).

Then I rebooted the server, to make sure I could also boot it from the mirror disk. Went fine as well, but when I checked the disks with the metastat -i command – the disk were resyncing again. And I got this error as the first line output from metastat: MD_IOCPROBE_DEV: Invalid argument.

A few quick tests showed, that the mirrors were resyncing after every boot, even when shutdown nicely (lockfs -fa;sync;sync;sync;init6).

By chance I eventually found a Sun(sm) Alert Notification, mentioning the problem (I was looking for a newer version of Disk Suite) and the patch to solve the problem – 108693.

What bugs me badly is, that I already had installed the patches from the EIS 2.1.23 cd and though the newest 108693 patch is newer than that, even the -18 would have solved the problem. But it didn’t come with the Recommended patches cluster 👿 .

My hope is, that someone else might find this article and thus solve the problem at bit easier, than I 🙂 .

Site convertet from ISO-8859-1 to UTF-8

For different purposes, I needed to get my WP to use UTF-8. The WP Support Forums were not of much help. I would have to go through the entire database and change special characters from ISO-8859-1 formatting to UTF-8 – manually. Fortunately, I got an idea and it turned out to work – it’s described here.

If you should encounter strange looking letters, please let me know – there may be small errors in the conversion :mrgreen:.