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It was easy to decide to get a blog, but what on earth should I call it? People with blogs seems to be champions in funny and interesting names for their blogs, but I really didn’t have a clue. So I just called it “Uffe R. B. Andersen Weblog”, which was very accurate, if not exactly exiting.

But last night it came to me, as I was looking through some log files on my Linux server. Log files on a Linux – or rather any ordinary Un*x – are located in the /var/log directory. The main log file is the messages log file, where practically everything is logged if not stated otherwise in the syslogd.conf file.

So the first place to look when in doubt is /var/log/messages. The leap of imagination was not far (especially not at 1 o’clock in the night). My weblog had to change name – to /var/blog/messages :-D.

There you have it – the reason for the new name. I’ll try to get earlier to bed in the future, so I don’t any more good ideas ;-).

Om Uffe R. B. Andersen

Uffes weblog
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  1. Dewet skriver:

    Haha! You have a point, and you *were* there first 😉 I guess it must be something like “great minds think alike” and not the second part of that saying…

  2. Dewet, the Internet is big enough for both of us – now that we agree upon me being first :mrgreen:. Just stumbled upon your site, because my Google Alerts get trigged by “/var/blog/messages/”.

    That Afrikaans is almost readable (for a Dane) – the connection to Dutch is pretty clear. Hopefully, it sounds better than Dutch – I always think they’re just clearing their throats, when they start speaking 🙄

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